We work with a lot of schools and other government organizations from coast to coast. If you are needing to place an order using a P.O. Number (Purchase Order) we are more than happy to accept this method of payment. If you normally fax in your purchase order, please fax it to 801-285-0094. If you have a P.O. number that has been approved by your purchasing department, you may simply place your order online and select "Purchase Order" as your method of payment and then enter the number in the space provided. We have found that different organizations have their own ways of arranging purchase orders so if you want to discuss which process is best for you before ordering, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-705-1575 or send us a message through our contact form.

Important Sales Tax Information: We are now required to collect sales tax in most states. If you are tax exempt, we will need you to go here to submit your tax exempt permit/certificate etc. so that we can set you up in our system as tax exempt.

Our goal is to make your ordering experience as simple and seamless as possible so that you can get your shirts in time for your event.

Featured Schools we have worked with:

  North Jackson High School in Stevenson, AL

  Timberlake High School in Spirit Lake, ID

  Seneca High School in Seneca, SC


Scholarship Opportunity

If you are looking out for scholarship opportunities for your students that are applying to college, check out the "Love Your Career" Scholarship that is offered by twice a year.