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Quantity Pricing

Within any individual item, you can take advantage of the quantity price breaks of 12, 36 and 72 with any combination of colors and/or sizes.

For Example: Say you were ordering a shirt that was priced as seen below. This is just an example price image with rounded numbers for the sake of simple math.

If you order 6 White of one size and 6 more White of another size, the price per shirt would be the "12+" price of $4.00 rather than the piece price of $4.50.

Colors other than white are usually $1.00 more per shirt. So, if you ordered 6 white and 6 black, the black shirts would be $5.00 and the white shirts would be $4.00.

The prices displayed on the shopping cart page will automatically adjust when your total reaches 12, 36 and 72.