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Adidas is known for quality sports apparel and other products and we are happy to offer this brand in our line of performance apparel. So far the response from our customers who have purchased Adidas shirts from us has been super positive. The quality and comfort found in these shirts is hard to beat. We hope to be able to expand our selection of Adidas performance shirts in the future.

This athletic apparel based company was founded in 1949 all the way over in Germany. Founded by Adolf Dassler, Adidas started out as a company producing shoes and equipment for European athletes. However as a demand began to grow so did the boundries of this early company. Adidas became leader in innovation as well as comfort and has pushed the Adidas name to be the number one sportswear and shirt manufacturer in Europe as well as a close number two here in the United States.

One of its biggest competitors continues to be the well known brand Puma, who was founded by the very brother of Adidas founder, Rudolf Dassler. Adidas now owns many other companies such as Reebok sportswear, Rockport, and Ashworth (part of the TaylorMade-Adidas golf company) as it continues to grow worldwide. Last year Adidas opened their fifth Global Creation Centre in Sao Paulo Brazil and continues to grow so that the whole world can enjoy the incredible comfort of Adidas brand sportswear.

We are happy to be your supplier of wholesale Adidas shirts and apparel. We know you will be happy with the quality of any Adidas shirts you try out.

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