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75 Dollar Gift Card

1) Important Note:

Be sure to look for the gift card number on your Receipt page. (see screen shot below)

Make sure you Save this number which is how you redeem the gift card.

2) How to PRINT your Gift Card/Certificate

Look for the Print link next to the gift card number (See above screen shot)

This link will generate a PDF file that you can print off and fill in the To: and From: lines.
You can then give the printed gift card to the recipient, or simply email them the PDF.

The PDF that you can save or print will look like the above sample.

Price: {{PRODUCT.PRICE | currency}}

Sale Price: {{PRODUCT.SALE_PRICE != "0" && PRODUCT.SALE_PRICE | currency}}

In most cases, the above price chart displays pricing based on the color white.
See the "Select Color" drop down menu below the pricing chart for price adjustments that may be applicable for colors other than white.
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